Ordering a DNA Test

Thank you for choosing Canine Genetic Testing. Our processes are a little different than you may be used to or expecting. Please continue reading our handy guide on how to order and pay for your tests.

Find the required dna testStep 1. Find the required test(s)

You can either browse all the tests on offer by using the DNA Tests drop down menu (A), selecting the test category you are interested in (B) or you can simply use the search bar to search for the breed, disease or test of interest (C).

After you have found the test you wish to purchase, simply follow the link to the product page.

add to your basketStep 2. Add to basket

If you wish to test multiple dogs for the same test, indicate the number of dogs you wish to test, and click Add to basket.

Repeat this step for all of the tests you wish to purchase. If you are buying multiple tests for the same animal, remember that you could save money by purchasing a test bundle.

proceed to checkoutStep 3. View basket and proceed to checkout

When you are ready click on View Basket. Discounts for purchasing bundles and for purchasing multiple of the same test are automatically applied. If you have a specific discount code (including discount codes received from the Animal Health Trust in July 2020), enter the code in ‘Discount Code’ and click on Apply Code. Your basket will show the tests you want to purchase and any discounts applied.

When you are ready, click Proceed to checkout.

specify the number of dogsStep 4. Specify the number of dogs

You now need to select the number of dogs you will be testing with your order. You will only need one swab kit per dog regardless of the number of tests you have purchased as we are able to retrieve enough DNA from the swabs provided.

Ensure that the rest of your details are correct and check the box agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and the use of all samples for research.

make a note of your order numberStep 5. Place order

Click Place order. If your order is successfully submitted you will be redirected to a confirmation page with your order summary and instructions on how to pay. Make a note of your order number, although you should also receive a confirmation email containing the required information.

pay for your orderStep 6. Pay for your test

Payment is by debit or credit card only. If you are ready to pay, click on ‘University of Cambridge Online Store’ on the order summary page, or the ‘Pay Now’ button in your confirmation email or contact us by telephone.

pay for your orderStep 7. Enter the payment amount

If you choose to pay online you will to be directed to the University of Cambridge Online Store. Enter the total amount of your order including any shipping costs, then click Add to Basket – the quantity should be set to 1. The item is now added to your basket, click Proceed to Basket.

check the total amountStep 8. Check the Total

Make sure that the total is correct and click Proceed to Checkout. If you are a new customer (to the University of Cambridge Online Store) use your email address to register as a new customer – this will only take a moment. This is a completely separate account from the account you have with CAGT.  If you are a returning customer, log in with your usual University of Cambridge Online Store details.

order numberStep 9. Enter your order number

You will now be asked to enter your order number – this can be found in your confirmation email. Please take care to enter the correct order number, as we need this to link your payment to your order – any errors may cause delays in dispatching swab kits.

Click Continue.

pay for your orderStep 10. Payment details

Select your Billing Address or add a new address.

You can now enter your payment information and then click on Continue to proceed to the final step of the transaction.

Make sure that your order is correct before clicking Pay Now.

You will receive an email receipt from the University of Cambridge Online Store and we will be alerted that a payment has been made. You can now sit back and wait for your swab kit to arrive!

If you have any other questions or experience any problems please contact us.