Returning International Samples

The instructions below are specific to international (non-UK) customers and explain how to package the swabs and which documents should be filled in and included in the return package.  Detailed instructions on how to take samples from your dogs can be found here.

As testing dogs from outside the United Kingdom involves the movement of biological samples across borders, there is a higher chance of kits not getting back to us in a timely manner, or at all sometimes.  To help ensure we receive your samples in a timely manner, please follow these instructions carefully.

Step 1

Place the dried and activated swabs (A) directly in the appropriate swab envelope (B) and seal the envelope.

Discard the swab packaging.

Step 2

Place sealed swab envelope (B) in plastic bag (C) and seal the bag.

Important! This is a condition of our import licence, please DO NOT skip this step.

Step 3

Locate Authorisation form (D), which is included in the swab kit for the sole purpose of sending back to us – do not make any changes or additions to this form.

  • Non-UK Customers from EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands should have a letter with the subject “Research and diagnostic samples, trade samples, and display items from other EU members states, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands”.
  • Non-UK customers from anywhere else should have a copy of our import licence “AUTHORISATION FOR THE IMPORTATION FROM THIRD COUNTRIES OF RESEARCH AND DIAGNOSTIC SAMPLES”.

Step 4

Place bag (C) and Authorisation form (D) in the return envelope (E) provided, and seal the envelope.

Step 5

Complete and sign form (F), remove the label and attach this form to the back of the return envelope.

Step 6

Use the following to complete customs declaration form that will be provided by your local mail provider or shipping company.

  • Description of contents: Cheek swabs kit for testing
  • Quantity: the number of kits you are sending back
  • Value: £2.50 per kit
    Note: This is the value of the swab kit, NOT the price of the order.
  • HS tariff and origin: 0511998590, YOUR COUNTRY
  • EORI number: GB 8238 4760 9000

Don’t forget to sign and date the CN22 form.

Shipping and customs charges

As per our Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you placed the order, CAGT will not be liable for shipping or customs related charges.

“CAGT is not liable for any additional costs incurred, including but not limited to import VAT or customs duties on Kits entering non-UK countries; or import taxes on Kits entering the UK where they are incurred because the Customer has not followed explicit instructions regarding the return of Kits e.g. incorrectly filling in CN22 customs form.”

Should such charges be incurred by CAGT on receipt of your sample(s), the charges will be added to your order and testing will be paused until these charges are paid.