Online payment isn’t working

As we are based at the University of Cambridge we are limited with regards to how we can take payment for orders. The only online payment option is via our bespoke payment gateway, and it is quite a lot slower than you may be expecting. Please be patient and do not close the payment window prematurely.

For failed payments, please try the following:

  • Clear your browser cache
  • If using Chrome as the browser in previous transaction, please try using Firefox , Edge or Safari (if using Apple device/system)
  • If using a company device, some of the features in our payment portal may have been blocked by the device’s security, please try using an alternative device such as personal laptop etc
  • If the error says ‘3D secure challenge’ this means that the information provided during payment did not match with the card issuer’s record. This is a security check, so please ensure that all payment details entered are the same as what the card issuer has on their record especially the billing address. If there is anything which does not match, the payment will fail.