Bull Terrier Bundle

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Find out if your Bull Terrier could develop an inherited disease at CAGT.

Select at least two tests from the selection below to build a bundle of your choice at discounted rates.

Primary Lens Luxation

Part of the official UK Kennel Club testing scheme

Lethal Acrodermatitis

Turnaround 1-2 weeks


A number of test are available for Bull Terriers. Two or more of these tests purchased as part of this bundle will be discounted.

  1. Primary Lens Luxation
  2. Lethal Acrodermatitis

Primary Lens Luxation

Primary lens luxation (PLL) is a painful and potentially blinding inherited eye disease that typically affects dogs between 3 and 8 years of age. PLL  is caused by a single nucleotide substitution in the ADAMTS17 gene and is found in many breeds, including the Miniature Bull Terrier.

Lethal Acrodermatitis

Lethal Acrodermatitis affects puppies from birth. Affected puppies show characteristic skin lesions on the feet and on the face, diarrhoea, bronchopneumonia, and a failure to thrive. The skin on the feet becomes hard and cracked and crusted skin lesions and cracks develop on the footpads. Affected puppies typically die before they reach an age of two years, either due to infections such as bronchopneumonia or because they are euthanized when their paw pad lesions become very severe and painful. They grow slower than their non-affected littermates and at the age of one year have about half the body weight and size of an unaffected dog.