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Multi-Drug Resistance

Hereditary Cataract (Australian Shepherd type)



A number of tests are available for the breed. Two or more of these tests purchased as part of this bundle will be discounted.

  1. Multi-Drug Resistance associated with the ABCB1 gene
  2. Hereditary Cataract associated with the HSF4 gene

Multi-Drug Resistance

In certain breeds a mutation on the ABCB1 gene, which encodes the MDR1 protein (which stands for Multi Drug Resistance 1) can cause animals that carry the mutation to be particularly sensitive to certain drugs. The variant was first detected in a subpopulation of dogs that were highly sensitive to Ivermectin-induced neurotoxicity. The variant on the ABCB1 gene results in the brain being unable to efficiently pump some drugs out, causing a toxic build-up of these drugs in the brain. Dogs subsequently experience and range of symptoms from vomiting and diarrhea to lethargy, seizures, or coma.

Hereditary Cataract

Cataracts are a leading form of blindness in the dog. Cataracts associated with an HSF4 deletion, specific to Australian Shepherds, usually appear early in life, but can also appear later. The cataracts will progress to complete blindness if the dogs live long enough and the only effective treatment is a surgical intervention. Dogs that carry (have one copy) of the HSF4 deletion are 17 times more likely to develop binocular cataracts than dogs without the variant.